Cafe in Seaham for Healthy Living


Everything that we consume has an impact on us both physically and mentally and we should all try to ensure that the majority of what we put into our body has a good nutritional value. All of the dishes we serve are packed with nutrients and essential vitamins, even down to our clean cakes which are made from things like nuts, seeds, dates, fruit and raw cacao meaning that they’re vegan, dairy free, gluten-free and never contain any nasty refined sugar (the thing that sticks to our hips!). Our hot and cold drinks menu contains over 50 items including matcha and turmeric lattes, superfood smoothies and even some vamped up protein shakes for the gym go-ers. Macros are displayed next to the majority of our dishes making meal tracking ultra easy! Our popular open sandwiches are served up on pretty plates and garnished with super tasty microgreens making these some of the most instagramable dishes on the menu. 

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