Flamingo Juice Cleanse Programmes

It’s definitely worth considering doing a cleanse if:
You feel sluggish on a day to day basis no matter how much or little sleep you’ve had
You have digestive issues such as bloating or slow-moving bowels
You have dull skin or suffer from skin problems such as mild acne
You are struggling to loose those stubborn pounds

It can help you feel:
Cleaner and lighter
Energised and revitalised
More aware of what you are putting into your body
Rebalanced and rested

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Be sure to read through our advice below for before, during and after your cleanse.





step one


Preparation is the first step
(and an important one!) of your juice cleanse.

You maximise the benefits of your cleanse by dedicating a few days prior to preparation. Plus, you’ll enjoy a more pleasant experience by cleaning up your diet in the days leading up to your juice cleanse. This means upping your fruit and veg intake (raw where possible) and completely removing meat, dairy products and eggs. Animal products place a higher demand on your digestive system meaning everything inside has to work a little harder to break them down. Processed foods also need to be cut out of your diet during the prep stage. This includes things like bread, ready meals, biscuits etc basically anything in a packet with a label on with ingredients written on there you don’t recognise eg. Sucralose, Aspartame (artificial sweeteners), Sodium nitrate (cancer causing chemical) and food colourings listed as numbers like ‘Blue1’/’Red4’ etc. Your body likes and thrives off natural whole foods like wholegrain pasta, quinoa, raw veggies, pulses and beans so do a little research for meal ideas.

We recommend that you pre-cleanse for 2-7 days depending on current eating habits and lifestyle. Decide which of the below best describes you and follow the recommendations for the appropriate length of time for your pre-cleanse diet!

health food fanatic

You are a veggie loving, health enthusiast and are looking to just reset the batteries after falling off the band wagon for a few weeks. You’d like to get back to your normal habits of clean eating; kale & quinoa for lunch and a herbal tea with agave. If meat is present in your diet it should be minimal.

pre-cleanse diet

1-2 days


You eat well most days but over indulge on the weekends and are looking for a solution to make consistently healthy choices. Remnants of caffeine, alcohol and processed foods need to be eliminated.

pre-cleanse diet

3-4 DAYS


Perhaps a hectic lifestyle juggling parental duties, work and other important things leaves little time to think about your diet and put your body first. You regularly eat processed and pre-packaged foods and you don’t go a day without eating meat and drinking fizzy drinks and alcohol. You know your body is crying out for nutrients but how do you find time to meal plan.
To avoid potential unpleasant detox symptoms and achieve your best results commit to a minimum of 5 days of a pre-cleanse diet.


5-7 DAYS  


Indulging in take aways several times a week, sugary treats and fizzy pop before 11am on a daily basis sound like you? Let your energy levels, metabolism, attitude and digestive system experience a reset so you can live your healthiest and happiest life. We recommend that you embark on a 7-day pre-cleanse to reduce potential detox symptoms and prepare your taste buds for your cleansing journey.



step TWO


Choose from one of our plans and decide
how long you’d like to commit for.

For the duration of your cleanse you will ONLY consume the drinks we provide.
You will receive 6 drinks in total for each day of your cleanse (5 juices and 1 nut milk).

(6 drinks per day)

per day

(6 drinks per day)


Lovely lemon

Start your day off every morning by religiously drinking a cup of hot water with lemon. Warm water and lemon is an amazing . If you aren’t keen on the taste you can liven this up a little by adding a squeeze of honey and some fresh ginger.

Drink more water

Dehydration is commonly mistaken for hunger so remember to drink more water to keep your cells hydrated and keep the nutrients flowing around your body and squish those false hunger pangs. We recommend at least 2 litres a day but more if you can.

Cut Caffine

For coffee lovers, if the thought of cutting that morning pick me up out of your diet all together scares you don’t fret – although cutting out caffeine would give you the best results while cleansing bringing your body to a more alkaline state, its not totally essential. A solution may be to enjoy a weak black coffee once a day or if palatable for you, try and transition to a matcha green tea (not matcha latte)

Schedule your juices

Aim to drink a juice every 2 hours. Set an alarm if you think you might struggle to remember.
Consistency is KEY! Your body will thank you later. 6 juices a day might sound like a lot but if you space them over 12 hours your schedule will look a little something like this:

If you skip juices you are more likely to feel hungry and
could end up in your blood sugar crashing.

Juice cleansing is something you will benefit from doing, sensibly and regularly, in addition to eating a healthy, balanced diet. Because of this we have created short cleanse programmes that you can safely undertake as and when you need them. You can cleanse as often as you feel needed whether that’s monthly, quarterly or even just once a year.

Please note that you should not undertake a cleanse if you are under 18, pregnant or breastfeeding.
If you have any concern, you are taking prescribed medication or you have a medical condition you think may be affected by a cleanse please be sure to check with your doctor first.

Did you know that lots of illnesses are caused by a build up of toxic waste within our body?
Breaking a sweat is the best form of elimination of toxins from your body. Once a week is sufficient.
Combine all ingredients in a warm-hot bath and let sit for 2-3 minutes before climbing in. Enjoy for 30 minutes!

What you need:

• 1/2 cup epsom salt
• 1/2 cup baking soda
• 2 tbs. ground ginger
• 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
This recipe can also be doubled for a more intense detox bath, but we suggest starting here and adding as needed. Make sure to stay SUPER hydrated the day of your detox bath and take a big glass of water in with you.

Dry brushing your body daily during a juice cleanse will help scrub away dead skin cells and open pours to help eliminate waste. Make sure to get the right brush for you and dedicate some time each day for this. Lock that bedroom door, make sure the room is warm and pop on your favourite chill out play list.

step THREE


Firstly WELL DONE!

You’ve successfully completely a detox and your body will feel like a temple!
Your dedication has paid off and you are refreshed and energised.
Your body has been in a state of complete rest during your cleanse so be mindful of this and ease
back into solid foods. For 2-3 days after your cleanse eat like you were during the preparation stage.
Eat lots of fruit and veg!
You must avoid meat, dairy, processed foods, fried food, refined sugar and I’m sorry to say but also alcohol! Day 1 after your cleanse it’s a great idea to stick to smoothies only. We offer a selection of smoothies in the café and can give you some recipies to follow to make it even easier to make at home.